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Dreamwalker - The Path of Sacred Power

Dreamwalker - The Path of Sacred Power
by Mary Summer Rain

What is a Dreamwalker? They are the rare few who, as Mary Summer Rain describes them, are "led by the spirit,' have "shed the yoke of desire and self-want," and have discarded the need for material gain and all evidence of negative thought. Without any personal goals, they travel the path of knowledge and go where the spirit of truth leads them. Brian Many Heart, also a student of No-Eyes, returns to No-Eyes' cabin in the Colorado mountains to teach Mary Summer Rain the "magic" and power of the Dreamwalker. Together, under No-Eyes' close scrutiny, they explore the realms of the spirit, and deal with Summer Rain's many unanswered questions about her identity and her resistance to what is referred to as her "spiritual obligation" to deal with wayward spirits (which she would explore later in Phantoms Afoot).

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