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Radiant Mind - Awakening Unconditioned Awareness

Radiant Mind - Awakening Unconditioned Awareness
by Peter Fenner, Ph.D.

Whether it is called enlightenment, pure awareness, or the "unconditioned mind," there exists an awakened state of pure liberation that is at the heart of every contemplative tradition. Yet, according to Peter Fenner, this experience of boundless consciousness does not have to exist separately from our day-to-day, "conditioned" existence. Rather, we can learn to exist as unique individuals at the same time as we rest in a unified expanse of oneness with all existence--in a state he calls "Radiant Mind."

In Radiant Mind, Peter Fenner shares the insights, techniques, and exercises he has developed in teaching the thousands of students who have attended his sold-out workshops, including: - How to observe and dissolve fixations, to live in the here and now without being controlled by our desires - Listening and speaking in a way that moves us toward pure openness--and lets us share this experience with others - Tools for identifying our conscious and unconscious sources of suffering--and learning to transcend those patterns.

"As extraordinary as unconditioned mind may sound," teaches Peter Fenner, "it isn't distant from our everyday life; it's always readily available to us." Now, this respected authority on both Eastern spirituality and Western psychology introduces readers to a set of practices available to anyone open to the complete possibilities of their spiritual evolution--and to the experience of the unconstrained bliss of Radiant Mind. A master of nondual spirituality teaches practices for integrating the liberated state of unconditioned awareness into your everyday life.

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