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After-Death Communications

After-Death Communications
by L.M. Bazett

"This short book contains the record of some of the communications received by me through automatic writing between the years 1916 and 1918. Its chief recommendation to public notice lies in the fact that the accounts given are strictly accurate, and that the statements made by communicators have been carefully verified, wherever possible. Pseudonyms are used, and names of places have been altered, to prevent recognition. In some cases also the rank of officers has been changed, for the same reason.

"Whether these communications can come under the heading of telepathy from the living, or whether, as the title suggests, they are partly due to telepathy from discarnate minds, is for the reader to decide. In a large proportion of the cases, there was no previous link with the communicators or their families; the latter were put into touch with me by letter, and in the majority of cases I wrote without relations of the communicator being present."

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