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Life Goes On, A Skeptic's Afterlife Education

Life Goes On, A Skeptic's Afterlife Education
by John Weiss

This is the true story of an ordinary guy who had a series of extraordinary experiences in the afterlife dimension. One night after meditating himself to sleep, he awoke in what he assumed was a super-realistic dream with all his senses in overdrive. During his first of many such dreams, he met a young man named Lyle who informed him he wasn't dreaming at all, but had mistakenly tunneled his conscious being into the world of the dead. Of course, the guy didn't believe any of it; he thought his dream was some sort of an amazing hallucination. But the next time he meditated himself to sleep, he returned to this impossible world with Lyle waiting for him. Thus began a long series of dreams where his ghostly new friend, accompanied by his thought-constructed girlfriend, taught him a whole new way to perceive life. He learned some startling scientific theories that revealed the true genesis of consciousness; he was led to believe in an all-powerful creator; he was taught a revolutionary theory on the existence of Jesus, and so so much more. But as fantastic and impossible as all this was, what really blew him away was the real, hidden reason was he was really there. He had been fortuitously chosen to play a vital role in a quantum physics experiment aimed at creating a whole new being in the afterlife. Oh and, by the way, the guy who experienced all this didn't believe a single moment of it until he was shown conclusive proof. To this day, however, he remains a skeptic. Will you?

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